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Over $81,000 in total lottery prizes!

You might get keys to a new car.
Our residents will get keys to their new home.

You could win
An all new 2024 Jeep Wrangler...

...& Groceries for a Year!
$13,000 of gift cards from Foodland

  • 25 for $250
  • 5 for $100
  • 1 for $30

Let’s take a little ride – you down the highway in your new Jeep and the residents of Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home down the road to their new home in Winchester.

Help us make this dream come true!

If old, run-down cars need a bit of bodywork, Dundas Manor needs a whole new chassis! The current building is deteriorating and outdated. The dining rooms are so small that residents literally eat their meals in the hallways. And don’t get us started on the crowded bedrooms, where sometimes four residents share a crowded space.

The new Dundas Manor is a win for everyone! It will be a home full of love and fun. Most bedrooms will be private and every room will have a window. There will be lots of natural light and large dining rooms where everyone can gather together. In fact, the new home will be double in size. We will welcome 30 additional residents, helping with the long waiting lists for a home and ensuring 30 more families stay close together - even though they are living apart.

What won’t change is the outstanding dedication and commitment of the Dundas Manor Team. Residents and family often tell us how blessed they are to have such wonderful care. This will only get better with a new home - thanks in part to your ticket purchase.

Win your dream car – and help the Dundas Manor dream come true.

Thank you for helping keep the magic going!



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